Ready to get involved? Let us know you want to help. The first step is to register as a community volunteer. The United Way is our partner for tracking people willing to volunteer in disasters.

  • Go to the Volunteer tab on their website ( and Sign-Up on the Volunteer Center website. HINT: Look for the yellow Sign-Up button at the top of the page.

  • Follow the instructions to Create an Account. Make sure to turn ON the "Contact me in case of an emergency" button in the first step of the sign-up process.

  • Once you create your account, we will be able to reach you if the community needs help after a disaster.

Ready to do more that get your name on a contact list? Join one of our Partners. 

  • Look at the Partners in our network and find the group that matches your interests.

  • Contact them directly to learn about their training programs and how to join.